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Buenos Aires, Argentina - Obras Sanitárias Stadium - 12.10.1998

photo by Mauricio Gonzalez

Subject: Re: (kw) Kraftwerk in Buenos Aires
Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 15:08:50 -0300
From: Osvaldo Dalzotto <osvaldo@clearhouse.com.ar>

Soy Osvaldo, de Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Ayer estuvimos en el recital de KW !!
Como debés haber leído a través del mailing list, pudimos encontrarnos con Eduardo Avellar, Claudio Falaschini de Mar del Plata con sus amigos y Mauricio Gonzalez de Chile. Nos reunimos todos a eso de las 17:00 hs, compartimos una Coca y de allí nos fuimos para el Estadio Obras. Fue muy lindo ya que nos sacamos juntos. A eso de las 17:30 ya estabamos haciendo la cola.

El concierto tenía que comenzar a las 20:00 pero se atrasó y comenzó a las 20:35 y duró 1:50 horas. Según Eduardo, quien conoce bien la duración de las canciones en otros conciertos de KW, las de Buenos Aires fueron más cortas. Tocaron las dos canciones nuevas.

Hubo un error entre dos canciones. En este momento no recuerdo cuál tenían que tocar (creo que era Radioactivity, después te digo) pero ellos se equivocaron y se escuchó el comienzo de NUMBERS !

Inmediatamente los 4 empezaron a tocar todos los botones de la gran consola y después de un rato empezó la canción correcta. La lista de temas - hasta donde yo recuerdo - es la misma que en Tokyo. El Estadio reúne a unas 5000 personas y calculo yo que estaría en un 85% lleno. Creo que se esperaba mucha menos gente, pero por suerte estuvo bastante concurrido !! Espero KW haya tomado esto en cuenta y vuelvan alguna otra vez.

Como creo, es su costumbre no dijeron ni una palabra, ni "HELLO", ni "THANKS" ni "GOOD NIGHT", sólo tocaron sus teclados y consola. De todas formas la gente saltó y bailó al compás de cada canción con muchas ganas. Sobre todo en Radioactivity.

Yo, particularmente, me comuniqué con la radio que los auspiciaba (Energy Satelital) para que me digan en dónde se hospedaban pero no nos permitieron saberlo, así es que no pudimos verlos ni antes, ni después del concierto. Tampoco hubo publicidad en televisión. Publicidad gráfica hubo sólo en los locales de LEVI'S (también lo aupiciaban) en donde se podía ver un poster con la imagén de línea de ellos en Music non Stop. Lo mismo en tamaño más pequeño del cual Mauricio pudo obtener varios ejemplares. Está bastante linda. Después sólo se podía escuchar la publicidad en FM Energy Satelital (que también estará disponible pronto en Internet).

Después del concierto fuimos todos a comer pizza y nos despedimos a media noche.

un abrazo

Subject: Sanitary Werks - Argentina 1998 + offtopic + thanks
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 15:08:40 +0400
From: "Eduardo H. Q. AVELLAR" <avellar@softhome.net>

Hola a todos! Hi to all!

I just came back from the KW concert in Buenos Aires yesterday! The concert was 'good', but surely not fantastic - even being my first time on a KW concert live... From 10 to 0 I would give it 7.5 - sincerly. Unfortunatelly, no "Stop the press"-like news, there was minimal differences from the other concerts of this tour (Japan 98, Usa 98,...), but:

1) too many mistakes happened - surely including KW's,
2) KW was more-than-frozen-and-distant, completly cold;
3) some photos where take (but surely not allowed!),
4) pocket calculator REALLY short - no dentaku or soloing;
5) half of the concert was recorded (not the entire - the bootleger told me that two MDs had media-failure?),...
6) well, there are also other subjects, but nothing REALLY new. I will cover all I can...

I will not have time now to write a decent review of the concert and the complete stories of "Los Hermanos del MercoSur" now, but surely AFTER next Sunday I may put it on line - an "edit" version will be sent to the list, and the full version will be on my site, maybe already including news about the concerts here in Brazil - 16.10.98 in Rio de Janeiro and 17.10.98 in Sao Paulo (I will be on all).

I need to public say this: you outside South America HAVE NO IDEA of how friendly and helpful everybody was there: Claudio and his wife, who made it possible and safe to me to go to Buenos Aires without knowing ANYTHING about the city; Mauricio (Chile), Osvaldo (Argentina) and other non-KWlist members - Bettina, Eduardo Encinas, Ricardo Ruiz and brother, brother of Osvaldo)...Also Mr. Eduardo ESCALANTE (an Argentinian teacher from my
university) helped me a lot. Thanx to all!

now I have to go, to wire some cables for the concerts tonight.... bye! best to all,

Subject: Buenos Aires Kraftwerk concert
Date: Wed, 14 Oct 1998 16:28:58 PDT
From: "KZWLEH D. DISCORDIA" <kzwleh@hotmail.com>

I had been one of the lucky people who was able to saw Kraftwerk live two days ago in Buenos Aires at Obras Sanitarias Stadium... Other 4000 people where there (according to the local press) They have played for more than two hours (maybe two and a half)... The stage had four cinema screens and lots of computers and synths... and of course that the robots with their faces appeared on the song "The robots" (and the Kraftwerk crew left the stage leaving the robots dancing alone one that song)

The show started with with "Numbers", then "Computerworld" and I can´t remember the order of the other songs... but these ones were performed (I may be forgeting one or two, but I´m sure that I´m not listing a song that wasn´t performed):

-The man machine
-The model
-Trans Europe Express
-Tour de France
-Music non stop (It was the last song)
-pocket calculator (performed using small "calculators" instead of the
big synths)
...Hmmm my memory stops there

The show was Great... I think that both ralf and florian have almost
smiled at the audience once... hehe...

Subject: RE: Kraftwerk 1998 Tour Reports
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 13:57:22 -0300
From: "Centro de Computos" <computos@credencial.com.ar>

Dear friend,
Sorry I haven't talked to you for a while. The Kraftwerk concert was WAY COOL! It was actually something unforgettable, from beginning to end, a perfect synchrony between audio and video, the sound itself, the scenery, everything was really exciting, Brazilian friend I tell you that the concert is something highly recommended, a success which goes beyond, exceeds all expectations, the only thing I can tell you in advance is that they play two unpublished songs (never listened b4) I don't wanna go into details because I'd like you to be surprised as the concert passes, in the meanwhile, I'm sure you'll totally freaked out, let me know your opinion next week please, I'd be grateful buddy.

Ever upwards,
Claudio Aliende

photo by Mauricio Gonzalez
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 1997 09:08:27 -0300
From: "Claudio Falaschini" <claudio@playagrande.com>
Subject: (kw) Buenos Aires 1998 Koncert - Argentina

Hi Werkers!!

I'm back to my city (Mar del Plata, Argentina) after the most important musical/multimedia experiencie of my life. Kraftwerk was here in Argentina! I cant believe it yet.

The perfomance was incredible..... the audio-visual explosion inside my mind.... feeling the bass drum kicking right in my chest... Wow! Thanks to Eduardo (Brasil), Mauricio (Chile) and Osvaldo (Argentina) for their friendship, i feel very comfortable with they and with the other 5 "non-list werkers" of the "Argentine Crew of Alto Palermo" :) (Bettina, Eduardo Encinas, Ricardo Ruiz and brother, Brother of Osvaldo).

Ours friends took many pictures and it will be available soon, i hope (I offer xxx Mb of web space for it - mail me). A funny thing...hey guys! what happened before Radioactivity?? Wrong button?? :)) The story is that in the place of the "Radioactivity" starting synthetic voice, we heard the "ein, zwei, drei..." robotic voice of "Numbers" a few seconds :-)))

The Man Machine is more man than machine, after all. LOL The Robots ..fantastic!! Was an impact to me the message of the technology and machines singing and performing for us... a subliminal message. The robots danced very well :) and the lights pointing to they make the all scene shocking and unforgetable for me... well, my friend Eduardo Avellar told me that, for him, the Florian robot was slighty out-of-sync with the others... i didnt notice it. And also my wife told me "hey! there are something wrong! The Florian Robot haves hairs and Florian haves no hairs!

.. They must correct such thing! LOL" The argentine fans (3000-3500 ppl in Obras Sanitarias Stadium) were very warm and "soccer minded fans" :) , (i say that for the style of the songs we sing during the breaks and before the show .."aguante kraftwerk, loco").. too much warm for the four cold guys there in the stage.... Hey guys! a least a glimpse or a "thank you" look could be nice for us, werkers.

Only Florian in "Pocket Calculator" was funny as always, driving his controller and smiling at the crow a few times. In the last piece ("Musique non stop") the guys leave the stage one-by-one (Florian 1st, and Ralf at last) without any cheer or something like a "good bye or thanks....".

I hope Eduardo of Brasil will give us precise impressions also, he knows a real LOT about KW and he haves better background than me for make a precise contrast of this show. (hey Eduardo! hace calor en Brasil? Por que no te cortas el pelo?? :-))))) But he will be busy until after the 17 Oct i think.

This is not a complete report of Buenos Aires, only a intro and a ACK of my back from BA. I'm trying to put in order my mind and ideas and i'll be back with a more detailed comment and/or with more spots. Saludos!


Subject: KW Concertos
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 09:24:05 -0300
From: "Luis Adrian Mendoza" <lmendoza@cilsa.com.ar>

Estimado Nicolau:
Yo estuve presente en el concierto de Buenos Aires, realmente creo que valio la pena esperar 20 años ( es mi caso porque tengo 31 ) para poder verlos en directo. Pensaba que mi opinion no era muy objetiva en cuanto a la calidad del show ya que mi fanatismo no me hacia ver los errores, pero leyendo la critica de los periodicos mas importantes del pais ( Clarin www.clarin.com.ar ) coinciden con la impresion que tuve ESPECTACULAR.

Este pais no es muy amante del tecno, tiene raices muy rockeras y de folk, pero todo el mundo estaba impresionado por la calidad del show y por sobre todas las cosas la vigencia del cuarteto a traves de tantos años, no se podia creer el sonido que dispusieron era realmente algo que en mi vida habia escuchado. No se pudieron sacar fotos ya que estaba prohibido ingresar con camaras y grabadores, pero lo que nos queda en la memoria es un recuerdo que no se perdera en el tiempo. Creo que le dieron una bofetada a todos los que hacen tecno hoy en dia y quedo en claro quien es el dueño del tecno, Kraftwerk.

Me gustaria saber de que pais eres y si has asistido a algun recital.

Un saludo y espero respuesta.

Luis Adrian Mendoza
Santa Fe Argentina

Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 17:30:46 PDT
From: "HERNAN BALDI" <hernanbaldi@hotmail.com>
Subject: (kw) Argentina concert


Nobody talks about Argentina concert! We were there. The show (october 12th)included the same tracks like Brazil. It was amazing, but there was a little problem: the begginig of Numbers appeared twice (in the fifth track! I dont remember) It didnt have very much difussion, they didnt give interviews or anything for the local media. We have a recording in tape of the show... soon available at your request!!!!!!


Subject: KW Concertos
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 11:30:46 -0300 (ART)
From: Laura Lopez Van Dam <vandam@ce.fcen.uba.ar>


Me llamo Laura y estuve en el concierto de Buenos Aires. En cuanto al show, estuvo excelente! Como tardaba en empezar, la gente se impaciento y empezo a cantar como en un coro "Boing Boom Tschak". Fue muy divertido. Cuando KW salio al escenario, la gente enloquecio y casi no se escuchaba la musica, todos gritaban "KRAFTWERK, KRAFTWERK". Tanto entusiasmo, que Ralf no podia dejar de sonreir. En "Numbers", parecio divertirlos que la gente cantara los numeros.

Muy buena la interpretacion de "Computerwelt" y la de "Tour de France". El sistema de luces, excelente. Todas las canciones tuvieron excelentes versiones y fueron muy aplaudidas. Lamentablemente, no le hablaron al publico. En una parte, parece ser que Florian se equivoco; o se rompio alguna maquina, porque abrieron una de las computadoras y fueron los cuatro a mirar y a meter la mano. Incluso, una cancion ya interpretada recomenzo, y parece que los KW se puysieron muy nerviosos.

Igual, el publico deliro con los robots y con los trajes luminosos de la ultima parte. Tuvo sabor a poco! queria verlos un rato mas. Nunca pense
que los veria en vivo. Cuando el show termino, hubo incidentes en el negocio del merchandising, porque habia pocas remeras y todos querian una! asi que hubo empujones y peleas.

Besos y sigamos en contacto!


According to Ticketek, after KW concert at Obras Sanitarias, Buenos Aires, Argentina, there will be a "Clubing Show" with DJ's Diego Ro-K, Hernan Cattaneo and Urban Groove.

Ticket Prices for Kraftwerk concert in Buenos Aires, Estadio Obras Sanitarias, Oct. 12th 1998:

Popular: $ 20.00
Campo: $ 30.00
Platea: $ 40.00
1 Peso ($) Argentino = 1 US Dollar

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